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Please Feed The Badgers

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The Wisconsin State Capitol is still flooded with protesters demanding Governor Walker and State Senate Republicans reconsider measures that would remove almost all bargaining rights from public employees' unions. Tea Partiers who bussed in yesterday are still trying to antagonize them, and various news trucks are trying to navigate the State Street crowds like big, inept tanks.


Some protesters have been returning to the capitol for days, and they're tired, and they're hungry, and their arms are getting sore from carrying clever signs around for hours. If you have space in your heart and pocketbook to feed hungry schoolteachers and public employees, non-present sympathizers to their cause have been sending pizzas to the capitol to prevent everyone from getting even crankier.

Order A Pizza For The Protesters

Capitol Protesters Find Food, Shelter In Surprising Places [Wisconsin State Journal]

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Since Ian's is swamped, can any Madisonians recommend alternate eateries that will deliver to the protesters?