Please Enjoy This Video of the Turkish Parliamentary Brawl Set to Minor Threat

If you’re a Turkish lawmaker with ties to Kurdish militants, there’s nothing minor about the threat of losing your legal immunity, am I right?


On May 2, Turkish lawmakers started bar-fighting at a constitutional commission meeting over a government-backed proposal to remove the provision that gives deputies in Parliament immunity from prosecution. Via the New York Times:

The contentious amendment was proposed after Mr. Erdogan called for members of the Kurdish People’s Democratic Party, or H.D.P., to face prosecution for alleged ties with Kurdish militants who have carried out a three-decade-long insurgency against Turkey.

And so the pro-Kurdish party, which is not the ruling party, and the ruling party, which is not the pro-Kurdish party, brawled their hearts out. (The amendment has since passed.) The raw footage was already something, but, via Twitter, it’s really something set to Minor Threat’s “Minor Threat.”

Deputy Editor, Jezebel


Excellent song, excellent brawl.

Until you remember Turkey and all they have done to the Kurds.