'Playboy' Gets Religious

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The Blessed Virgin Mary appears! Just in time for Christmas, Playboy has released an issue in Mexico with a woman depicting um, a sexy nude Virgin Mary on the cover. [The Sun]

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Little Green Frog

OK, back with the report. Sounds to me like a desperate attempt from Playboy to remain relevant and increase sales. There are wires from the AP and EFE. Here are some excerpts I translated:

- Under the heading "We adore you, Mary", the cover shows Argentinian model MarĂ­a Florencia Onori standing in front to a stained glass window and her head is covered by a white sheet that covers part of her body but lets you know she is not wearing anything under.

- 80,000 issues had been sold up to last Wednesday from 100,000 printed, and the company hadn't planned another printing.

- The biggest selling issue of Playboy had Cuban actress Niurka Marcos on the cover, and it sold 260,000 issues. (me: yep, not even close)

- Playboy sources said photographer David Eisenberg didn't intend to make the model look like the Virgin Mary, but that "a lot of people have assumed that". (me: YEEEEAH, riiiiight)

I asked my brother (30s, target demo) and he's like, "What? Nah, I haven't heard anything or seen it in the news. That's just crazy".

So yeah, they are just trying to create controversy and it's not translating very well in sales or news exposure. I'm guessing it will be a bigger deal here in the US than there...