Now rather than just speculating about what Kate Middleton will wear, you can dress her up yourself with your very own Barbie-sized doll. The collector's item is being sold for $195 by the Franklin Mint — the very same company that once had to settle a lawsuit over illegally using Princess Diana's image.


According to the description:

Kate Middleton is living the dream every little girl holds dear...and every woman remembers with a smile...becoming a Princess.

For the first time in over 350 years, a non-royal like one of us is beginning that journey for real. Celebrate this moment in history with the finest dolls in the world. Experience the thrill of her engagement by owning one of the most elegant and regal treasures in the world.

Our Kate Middleton doll is a beautiful and authentic replica of the future Princess, featuring hand-painted, life-like portrait sculpture, jewelry and a reproduction of the blue silk jersey dress that was worn to formally announce the engagement. She also features miniature replicas of the jewelry the soon-to-be princess donned, including the necklace, earrings, and engagement ring, all outfitted with simulated sapphires, diamonds, and other jewels.

We hate to challenge the accuracy of the manufacturer of unofficial royal memorabilia, but wasn't Princess Diana a commoner too?

After ordering your possibly inauthentic engagement doll, don't forget to pre-order the Princess Kate Middleton Bridal Doll, which will comes in full wedding attire. There doesn't appear to be a Prince William doll in the works, so those of you planning to set up an elaborate Barbie doll diorama of the royal wedding will have to settle for Rainbow Prince Ken.


Kate Middleton Royal Engagement Vinyl Portrait Doll
[Franklin Mint]
Kate Middleton Doll To Go On Sale For Princely $195

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