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Tom Perrotta, a Senior Editor for Tennis Magazine and a tennis critic for The New York Sun laments that there are no female tennis players in the Roger's Cup this week that are worthy of the No. 1 spot. While the Roger's Cup is comprised of "the best of the women's tour" (without the Williams sisters) Perrotta feels that none of the women who are up for the top spot (Jelena Jankovic and Ana Ivanovic) are really that great of players. He feels that the competition essentially boils down to " who plays less badly, who can underachieve the least." Nice! So, what do you think Jezebel tennis fans? Are these two women really that bad? Do they only seem so horrible because they are being compared to male tennis stars that get more attention and sponsorship? Is the Roger's Cup really that important in deciding who is the top female tennis player? [NY Sun]

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I don't think he's factually correct about talent, but there is a charisma lull right now on the women's side right now. No one has really broken out as a new star.

I came into tennis fandom just before Steffi Graf started her perfect year. She was fantastic and a whole raft of amazing women were playing at the same time. This didn't last long — a year or so — before injuries and Steffi's dominance made it less interesting to watch, but the men at that time were even less interesting.

Now we have the reverse going on, but with two amazing male players and a couple of possible threats coming up. I'm sure the women will rise again. There are a lot of talented players out there.

Vamos Rafa!