Plastic Surgery Patients Care About Looking Great, Not Getting Laid

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According to a story in the January issue of W, cosmetic surgeons are finding that sex is a low priority for post-op cosmetic surgery patients. In fact, shagging ranks below work and exercise:

After getting a procedure, people usually ask "When can I get back to yoga?" And: "Patients are mad when they can’t get back to the office in five days," one surgeon says. "But if you say they can’t have sex for two weeks, they are like, 'Thank God, put it in writing!' People have other agendas now." Or! Some rich women just don't want to fuck their husbands. And get this:

Sylvia R. Karasu, clinical associate professor of psychiatry at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, points out that even with surgeries designed to make patients feel sexier, having more sex isn’t the objective. “It’s such a totally self-oriented procedure most of the time,” she says. “It’s not necessarily related to the other people in their lives.”


Plastic surgery? Selfish? How shocking. But seriously: What's the point of transforming yourself into a perfect, wrinkle-free human specimen if you don't partake in some pleasures of the flesh?

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a virgin who can't drive

Speaking of cosmetic surgery, this can of worms is begging me to crack it open. I'm seriously considering buccal fat removal because my cheeks make me look like a child. What is a feminist's proper stance on this shit?

NO ONE suggest the magical word of "choice" (it being my body, my face, and all) because obviously, I'm not in the apt mind-frame to choose anything. All I'm thinking is MUST. DESTROY. CHIPMUNK. CHEEKS.