Plastic Surgery Less Popular Than 10 Years Ago

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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, while breast enhancement surgeries have increased by 40% in the past 10 years, other cosmetic procedures like nose jobs, face lifts, and liposuction are on the decline. It seems as though—breast implants aside—people are less willing to undergo other invasive surgeries than they were a decade ago, with the number of liposuctions down 43%, nose jobs down 35%, and face lifts down 16% since 2000.


However, noninvasive, outpatient procedures are on the rise, like wrinkle fillers, laser hair removal, and especially Botox. According to The New York Times 5.4 million people received injections in 2010, up a whopping 584% from 2000. What does this mean for society? Bigger bras and people who have trouble emoting.

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More people get breast implants today than 10 years ago; nose jobs, liposuction are on the decline [NY Daily News]


Official Witch of Los Angeles

I've always been a supporter of the "Plastic surgery should only be for physically incapacitating deformities/issues or people in severe accidents" ideal. Your nose is big because it's proportional to your other features. Get over it.

Can anyone with plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons provide an insight into why you had a procedure done that wasn't an attempt to bolster self esteem?