Plastic Surgery 'Expert': "If It Makes You Happy, Why Not?"

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Meet Wendy Lewis, left, who has written a book called Plastic Makes Perfect: The Complete Cosmetic Beauty Guide. Lewis is not a doctor, but she does think that "60 is the new 40" and writes a column — for the Daily Mail, of course! — as an independent cosmetic surgery adviser or "knife coach." She charges about $800 for a on hour face-to-face consultation. "For many women, and some men, they will be utterly miserable if they know they are stuck with a huge nose, or sticky-out ears," she says. "If a simple surgical procedure can bring them happiness, then I say, 'Why not?'" She would even tell a 14-year-old to get rhinoplasty, "If she was unhappy enough." Of course, nose jobs and tummy tucks are pretty common these days. So Ms. Lewis also includes information on vaginal "trimming", toe removal (to fit into designer heels) and umbilicoplasty, the procedure that renders a woman's navel bikini-"perfect". That's right. Belly-button surgery.


As for her own looks, Ms. Lewis admits that she's had a facelift, but won't tell Julie Bindel, the article's author, what else she's had: "I have clearly put my face before my body," she laughs. Why is she such an advocate for surgery? "Women are under incredible pressure to look a certain way from a very early age," she says. And she even has passages about labiaplasty and hymen reconstruction in her book. "Women already have a full plate of image concerns regarding impending wrinkles, and sagging size and shape. The power of suggestion that they may not be 'normal' or 'good enough' 'down there' is just one more thing to fret over." But, she adds, "There are women who can benefit from vaginal procedures for incontinence and overall changes after childbirth, and due to aging. That can add to their confidence." As far as hustles go, Ms. Lewis' isn't bad: If you're thinking about going under the knife, it makes sense to want to talk to someone who's been there. But wouldn't it be just as good — or better — to consult with someone (say, a licensed therapist?) who could remind you that looks aren't everything and it's character-building to work with what you've got? And, since she's forced us to go there: Does anyone think Ms. Lewis' plastic face looks "perfect"?

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@katastic: @KimberleeJ: my friend is a size 2, I'm a 6. we were on the subway and mistaken for pregnant (empire waist dresses). We graciously took the seats offered us and when asked, elaborated on our "due dates". It was a fabulous day.