Hugh Hefner's girlfriend Holly Madison (well, one of them) has finally got what she's been lusting after for all these years! No, not a Hugh Hefner baby or a wedding ring. An official position in the photo department at Playboy. And you know what? She deserves it! After begging Hef for an internship, Holly got down and dirty, hauling costumes around and art-directing her own photo spreads. [Not to mention, sleeping with uh, Hugh Hefner. -Ed.] Now, Holly says she's going to use her powers as photography professional for the good of the Playboy readers:

I think readers are sick of seeing the same cookie-cutter blondes. I'm looking for natural bodies. I pay attention to what readers write in - and they do like to see diversity.

We'll believe it when we see it but it is heartening that a woman who essentially bought her body says she wants to fill the pages of Playboy with "real" women.

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