Planned Parenthood has come up with some stellar social media-based campaigns in the past, like last year's genius "In Case You're Curious" program, in which teens could text counselors questions about their sexual health. But we're not completely sold on their new "Where Did You Wear It?" campaign, which enables users to tell the world how responsible they are whenever they use one of the thousands of QR-coded condoms Planned Parenthood distributed around the country. If you scan the code with your smartphone, you'll be directed to a site where you can enter information about your location, age, gender, partner, relationship status, and how great a time you had. "Sex that safe should be shared," the site proclaims, adding that it's "intended to provide a visual representation that safe sex happens too. There is strength in numbers. There is leadership by example. Be part of the solution. Be smart. Be sexy. Be responsible."

There's certainly nothing wrong with sharing your safe sex exploits, but we're not sure how proactive the campaign is — while "In Case You're Curious" actually connected girls with crucial information, "Where Did You Wear It?" seems a little silly. But, hey — all 50 states and six continents have reported check-ins, so maybe we're underestimating the power of the always almighty humble brag.

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