Planned Parenthood has announced that it will use the $3 million it received in donations earlier this year to roll out a shiny new initiative to offer more breast cancer screenings and education programs. The funding for this new initiative comes as a direct result of breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen's decision to cut off grant money to the women's health network, because the world is just a giant, silky spider web of irony, and things tend to work out in the end, just the movies have told us they do.

According to Reuters, Planned Parenthood clinics will supplement basic breast screenings with ultrasounds, biopsies and an array of follow-up services. It will also provide educational materials for women under 40, as well as an outreach program for Hispanic women and a new diagnostic tool for nurses and doctors. Komen's decision to pull nearly all of the $700,000 in annual grant money to Planned Parenthood raised eyebrows and alarms all over the country, prompting some 77,000 supporters to quickly funnel money to the suddenly vulnerable organization, which is more or less the same narrative arc of The Muppets, i.e. the very selfish forces trying to destroy something awesome rally support for and ultimately save that awesome thing. Hooray for cinematic parallels!

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