Planned Parenthood Partners With LA School to Reduce Teen Pregnancies

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In an effort to cut teen pregnancy rates, the Los Angeles school district and Planned Parenthood have formed an interesting new partnership to provide reproductive health care to some students at school. Wow, that sounds like a completely reasonable solution to a very real problem; so naturally it is 100% guaranteed to royally piss off those who think Planned Parenthood is the Devil's abortion factory.


Overall, the county's teen birth rate is actually down, but there are certain areas within it that are hotspots for teen pregnancies—mostly in the heavily Latino and low-income areas that feed Roosevelt High School. The school has an existing health center which does primary care, but nearly half of the patients seen this year were there for reproductive health care. The clinic used to provide counseling and contraception in conjunction with a local hospital, but that program ended in 2006.

This new partnership with Planned Parenthood will mean there is a medical assistant at the clinic, and it will give students access to free contraceptives and pregnancy and STD testing. This is the first time Planned Parenthood has done something like this anywhere in the country. It seems like a natural pairing, and it would be cool if they could expand it to serve other areas in need. Though since they're already getting shamed for caring for teens in their own clinics, one imagines they'll face some seriously batshit opposition if they try to colonize schools.


Planned Parenthood Sets Up Shop At Roosevelt High To Reduce Teen Pregnancies [CBS LA]

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Kat Callahan

This makes good sense. As a JHS teacher, I support this.

Since it makes good sense and I support it, invariably it will fail, because whenever I think public policy decisions, especially those concerning the intersection of secondary education and sexual health, are good sense and I support them, someone I really dislike, or groups made up of people I really dislike, come along and ruin it all.