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Planned Parenthood Goes After McCain On Health Insurance, Birth Control

Illustration for article titled Planned Parenthood Goes After McCain On Health Insurance, Birth Control

Have you seen the video of a woman earlier this week asking John McCain why "health insurance companies cover Viagra but not birth control"? After silence, some chin-rubbing and arm-crossing, he replied, "I don't know enough about it to give you a informed answer." Today, Planned Parenthood is going after McCain using his own words, and is hoping women voters will take notice. Maybe they should hear this too: Politico reports that three people wearing NARAL Pro-Choice New Mexico T-shirts were denied access to John McCain's town hall meeting in Albuquerque yesterday — despite being ticket holders for the event. Yeah, we've got a serious problem.


NARAL's executive director, Heather Brewer, says: "If Sen. McCain has a problem with women accessing birth control, he should state that publicly. His voting record makes it clear that he does not support access to birth control, so why is he ducking the issue at his own town hall meeting?" But a McCain aide, Jeff Sadosky, said hotel security and the Albuquerque police asked the abortion rights activists to leave when they were seen protesting in a parking lot. When they got in line to enter the event, it was reiterated that they'd already been asked to leave. Politico's Ben Smith adds: "The local press, a McCain aide said, had been aware of, and didn't cover, the story yesterday — often a useful sign of how meaningful an incident is."

We have an overpopulated, at-risk planet, in which a child dies of dehydration every seven minutes and a woman dies of a botched abortion every seven minutes (not to mention the hunger crises in Asia, Africa and Europe). Why is a pill for "erectile dysfunction" — not a life threatening or, frankly, as life-impacting condition as pregnancy — promoted and widely available? And free for the insured? While oral contraceptives (with health advantages like decreased menstrual blood loss, reduced risk of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer, improved acne and decreased menstrual cramps and pain and uh, not getting pregnant) are not? McCain was at a loss for words, maybe you can fill in his blanks?


Planned Parenthood Launches Anti-McCain TV Spot [Time Magazine]

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Mama Penguino

@WaltzingMatilda: McCain is one of those older drivers who crash into store-front windows. John McCain almost hit me in his car as he was turning into the senate office building in D.C. a few years ago. I was just getting ready to walk across the narrow driveway when a car came screeching in and I jumped back onto the curb and who the hell was it but John McCain! He kind of smirked his apology as he glanced my way. Perhaps we ought to start a campaign to get his driver's license revoked?