• A Planned Parenthood in Indiana is offering gift certificates for its services because officials say that many women will not be focused on healthcare during tough economic times. • Kerry Fletcher, an openly lesbian soldier in England who was harassed by her male boss for sex, was awarded a £186,896 payout today from the Leeds Employment Tribunal. • An English woman sold a painting by Hitler at a £7,000 loss yesterday because it "was not something she wanted hanging on her wall." •• An amusement park in South Korea schooled 30 female and male wannabe-Santas today on what it takes to be Santa Claus. • An Illinois woman who recently finalized her divorce claims that her ex-husband and his girlfriend broke into her house over the weekend and stole half of her king-sized bed as well as some electronics. • Captain Kate Philp of the British Army became the first female soldier to lose a limb in Afghanistan when she lost half of her leg following a blast that killed another soldier. • A report on Tuesday of a fetus in a trash bin behind the Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute in Florida turned out to be a training tool for doctors and nurses to perform ultrasound procedures. • Nancy Kerrigan will star in an ice skating TV special, Holiday Celebration on Ice, which will air on Sunday on NBC. •

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