Pittsburgh-Area High School Students Tweet About How Awful Their School Lunches Are

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Students at the Plum Borough School District in the Pittsburgh metro area are pissed that the price of their allegedly shitty school lunches has spiked to $2.50, and are taking full advantage of the Twitter mountaintop to yodel their displeasure in 140 characters or less. One student named Will tweeted Wednesday that "everybody in plum who is in elementary to high school start #BrownBagginit to protest against the district high prices and low quality food."


Since school lunches are notoriously gross, it isn't hard for anyone who's ever shoved a piece of tomato-seed riddled school pizza into their maw to sympathize with the frustrated students at Plum Borough. School officials, however, claim that the less-satisfying, more expensive school meals aren't the school districts' fault — new federal school lunch guidelines that require lunches to have more fruits and vegetables make for less rib-spackling meals. "If you're working with 650 calories for a meal," explains food service director Maryann Lazarro and 140 comes from a milk and 70 comes from fruit because fruit is now mandated ... you've only got a small amount left for the protein the bread and the vegetable."

Observers think that the kerfuffle over the school lunch price increase is simply a misunderstanding between students and school administrators — students who play sports, for instance, aren't going to be sated with a mere 650-calorie meal because teenagers are all walking Sarlacc Pits of hunger.

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I was on reduced lunch during elementary school, and I remember loving the food - probably because given my family's socioeconomic status, we weren't eating much better fare at home. I had breakfast (free) also at school because my mom had a paper route in the morning in addition to working and finishing college - so she wasn't able to make breakfast for the kiddos. I fondly remember this hot roll that was filled with cheese and sausage - yum! Also found out that if you befriend the lunch ladies, they would hook you up with "deformed" ice cream sandwiches or cups or shredded cheese after everyone was served :)

Not sure why the high school kids aren't leaving campus to get food - back in 9th grade those of us that had cars would go to McDonald's, buy a huge bag of those 39 cent cheeseburgers and sell them to desperate students for triple the price!! But I went to a different high school later that had Pizza Hut right in the cafeteria, and other vendors selling cinnamon rolls and of course vending machines - so you could have anything you want, if you can afford it.