Pinkberry Offers Us a Way to Eat Dessert for Breakfast

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Eating ice cream for breakfast is every child's dream, and now, thanks to Pinkberry, it's about to become a reality for adults too. Well, kind of. Pinkberry is expanding its offerings to include breakfast, so it's not technically ice cream, but it's still pretty much dessert for breakfast. Only you can feel better about eating it because the breakfast menu is focused mainly on Pinkberry Greek, which sounds healthy, right?

Like regular greek yogurt, it's not frozen, it's not quite as sweet, and it has three grams of protein per serving. You can add honey, berries, chocolate granola, nuts, and more. Hopefully they're not putting out the candy toppings in the mornings because some of us (*raises hand*) would not be able to choose berries over gummy bears. Oh, and thank God, they're also serving coffee, because you can't really have a proper breakfast joint without it. Right now, only 17 stores are testing the breakfast offerings, but if all goes well they'll be rolled out in all 170 stores in the country later this year.

Pinkberry launching breakfast menu in Boston [Boston Globe]

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