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Pink Makes Breaking Up Look Not So Hard To Do

Illustration for article titled Pink Makes Breaking Up Look Not So Hard To Do

Over on Best Week Ever's blog, they've got Pink's new video, "So What." Writes Sara Schaefer: "If I was 14, I would be completely obsessed with this video. In it, she shows all the things one might do when trying to get revenge or pretend you're totally FINE after breaking up with someone, even though you're actually falling apart." Example: There's a tree with "Carey+ Alecia" carved into it. (Alecia is Pink's real name.) Pink tries to cut it down but winds up sobbing on her chain saw. Pink also does stuff like drink and drive, throw stuff at newlyweds and try to smash a brand new guitar — at Guitar Center. But what's really interesting is that Pink's ex, Carey Hart, the man she is singing about, is in the video.Cut between the shots of Pink acting out are shots of Pink singing to Carey. Sometimes he ignores her, sometimes he rolls his eyes, sometimes they're at each other's throats. And, for a moment, he embraces her. Schaefer claims this adds an "element of 'no really, we're actually handling this in a freakishly mature way.'" I don't know what you call it, but I love Pink. Love her. Clip below. P!nk's New Video Shows You How To Deal With A Breakup In A Totally Mature Way [BWE] Click to view


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@Miss Smith Drank Your Vodka: I agree with everything you said about Pink in your comment.

Then I got to your last sentence and cracked up. Well, I guess it's not a Friday until I spit coffee all over my keyboard.