Pink Lady Scientists Full Of Crap

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Scientists at The University of Newcastle claim there may be an evolutionary reason why women "prefer" red and pink — while boys prefer blue, reports the Times of London. "The explanation might date back to humans' hunter-gatherer days, when women were the primary gatherers and would have benefited from an ability to home in on ripe, red fruits," said a researcher.

While blue was liked universally, this preference stood out among men, the study found. This, too, could have deep-seated natural roots: water that appears blue is more likely to be clean and the colour is also an indicator of fine weather.


We're not scientists, but we'd like to call bullshit on this "study." First: Only men are into good weather and clean drinking water? Second: The participants in this study were British students and Chinese students studying in Britain... students who were clearly socialized and steered toward liking certain colors from an early age.


The Chinese participants also showed a marked preference for red over their British counterparts. As red symbolises luck and happiness in China, this indicates that cultural norms are also involved.

No shit! Fourth: Dr. Ling, one of the leaders of the study, says her favorite color is "a very paleish pink." Biased much? Fifth: What is so annoying about this is that marketers will continue to create sickening Pepto-Bismol crap like Fly Pink, a women-only airline for shopping trips from Liverpool to Paris, and Pink Beach, a women-only resort on the Adriatic coast — both of which are mentioned in a "girls get richer" (shudder) article in the Daily Mail.

We did a "study" of our own and found that when we asked six chicks (including this writer) what their favorite color was, we got six answers: silver, green, mint green, orange, puce [Who picked puce? -Ed.] and blue. We're going to send our results to Dr. Ling, who, we hope, will turn a lovely shade of crimson.

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I second the call of Bullshit:

Victorians dressed their boys in pink because it's a "lively, vibrant color" and girls in blue because it's "demure and calming". This "evolutionary" predisposition is something of a recent flip-flop. Those scientists can kiss my history-museum-visiting ass.