Pimp My Vadge

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You know how there's that stoopid trend in plastic surgery in which women try to "normalize" their labia by homogenizing them? (I went for my own consultations, once upon a time.) Well, we have Dr. David Matlock, aka Dr. Sex, to thank for that. He's the dude who's pioneered the whole thing, and also invented the G-Shot (that shot that's supposed to enlarge your g-spot to enhance sexual pleasure, but has no real research behind it). Anyway, in this profile on Dr. Matlock in the Times of London, we learn that he is now a multimillionaire, and he refers to his patients as "customers." At least he's honest. [Times]




An actual conversation with my friend...

Friend: My friends from college used to make fun of my vagina.

Me: ... I'll ignore that they knew what your vagina looked like, but why?

Friend: I guess most people don't have inner lips that go out? Anyway, they made fun of me.

Me: That's not true. Lots of women have inner lips that extend beyond their outer ones.

Her: Really?

Me: Definitely. I do.

Her: REALLY?! That makes me feel so much better. We're vag twins.

Me: Yep.

Her: Plus... isn't that a part of you you'd WANT to be bigger. Because they're sensitive and touching them feels GOOD.

Me; Holla.