Pimp My Dressing Room

When stars slum it on Broadway, apparently they make their dressing rooms ridiculous, according to the Wall Street Journal:

Carrie Fisher: "Ms. Fisher relaxes backstage amid candy-colored stripes on the walls, an electrified neon strip in the bathroom (a nod to the theater's disco past) and "Star Wars" kitsch scattered around, including a painting of a white poodle with Princess Leia buns."


Gina Gershon "worked with interior-designer and artist friends to brighten the room, including placing a movable window frame over a large photo of the ocean to create an 'ocean view.' She added a machine that plays sounds of seagulls and crashing waves."

Julia Stiles, meanwhile, was totally down-to-earth: "the most striking feature ...is the photo of Serena Williams screaming at a line judge during the U.S. Open in September. 'It is a reminder for me to go out there and not censor strong emotions that I might be having on stage,' says Ms. Stiles."

Hey, I'm all for personalizing a space - thanks to a steady diet of Dorothy Draper's Decorating is Fun, I had a totally tricked-out dorm room. We all know what wonders a scented candle, a few cushions and extra-long sheets in a fetching shade can work. But...what happens after the show closes? Is the next star going to be staring at a random, be-bunned poodle and an ersatz "ocean view?" We say, what was good enough for Margo Channing is good enough for us: dressing screen, scads of flowers, greasepaint and a wise-cracking dresser are the hallmark of the true star.
A Dressing Room of One's Own [Wall Street Journal]

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