Pig Face

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Mm, pork may be delicious, but is it a wrinkle fighter? The FDA has approved a new porcine collagen filler that is said to last longer than old skool collagen derived from bovines (question: WTF are these people putting in their faces? The entire contents of a butcher shop?). Dermatologists are all abuzz about the filler's potential but also concerned about its appeal to people who keep kosher. Wonder what these rabbis would have to say about the development? [W Magazine]

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@Brigit: I will never ever forget the fetal pig dissections of freshman year high school. I personally DID NOT dissect a pig, though I would have, my class just wasn't doing it. ANYWAY, this was the same time we were reading "Lord of the Flies." The pig head on a pole TERRIFIED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. Well, in my English class, one kid thought it would be funny (not knowing my deeply entrenched fear) to bring in his fetal pig's head on a stick once his disection was done. He walked into class with it and I seriously bolted out the door.