We get "humanizing" questions. We get "human interest" questions. But then there are insulting questions that we can't imagine Piers would direct at, say, Warren Christopher. Questions like, "are you high-maintenance?"

We're assuming Morgan does, at some point, delve into the Iraq War, the foibles of the Bush administration, Rice's distinguished academic career and her current occupations. But what we know for a fact is that he addresses the following burning issues — while smirking, naturally:

"I can't imagine you being a subservient wife,"

"If you were cooking me a meal, what would you cook?"

"Are you romantic?"

And, the creepy coupe de grace, "If I was going to woo you, how would I do that?"


What, nothing about shoes? I mean, you can't squander these opportunities! Oh, and Piers: find out where your guests live before you interview them.