Pierre-Louis Colin is a man with a mission, and that mission is to freely "contemplate," or as it is more commonly known, "ogle," the beautiful women of Paris. He has even written a book about it called "Guide des joiles femmes de Paris" or "Guide to the Pretty Women of Paris," although it may read more like a "literary essay" than tour guide, so all the awkward teens preparing for their backpacking trip across Europe can cross it off their guidebook wish list. Colin notes the best places to view women whose breasts are "uncluttered by a bra" (Menilmontant), where the sauciest middle-aged women hang out (lingerie shops), and where to look up a woman's skirt (a spiral staircase in a cafe). Charming! He also laments the Anglo-Saxon moralism that has made his hobby (watching women) get a dirty reputation; he just wants to loiter outside high schools like any other horny Parisian gentleman! [AFP via Salon]


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A picture of Le Perv:


... should you ladies want to know whose scrotum to be kicking when you are in Paris.