The conservative activist and infamous opponent of the ERA was recently interviewed in a piece for HuffPo about a claim she makes in her new book (The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know—and Men Can't Say): "Feminists love divorce." According to Schlafly, feminists "wanted to be independent of men and liberated from the duties of marriage and motherhood. So, their first legislative goal was the adoption of easy-to-get divorce," with no-fault divorce policies being adopted across the country. This, she says, contributes to America's high divorce rate. So if feminists really "love" divorce so much, and were able to achieve this goal of "liberation," then wouldn't that mean that—according to Schlafly's ideas of feminism's intentions—feminism has won? No, she says. It's failed.

In fact, despite the divorce spells we've successfully cooked up in our collective cauldron—not to mention all the legalization of abortion—Schlafly says that none of feminism's goals have been achieved. This is evidenced she says by the "fact" that "feminists demeaned marriage and motherhood even though most women want marriage and motherhood. Feminism has run its course, and surveys show that women are not as happy now as they were in the 1950s." We wonder if this finding about happiness extends to Schlafly herself. Because she does seem awful grumpy.

'Feminists Love Divorce!' [HuffPo]