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Phyllis Schafly, she who led the fight to make sure that the rest of American womanity wouldn't have the benefits of a constitutional amendment giving us equal rights, has her granny panties all in a bunch because the McCain campaign canceled a scheduled appearance by Sarah Palin at Schafly's event yestserday. Schafly, whose relevance in the Republican party has waned since it finished using her as a figurehead for why women don't need equality, thinks that someone higher up in the McCain camp should've called her to cancel Palin's appearance now that she's the VP nominee and has to prepare a speech. We're surprised she can get 800 people to cough up $100 a pop to see her give the same speech about how great it is to be unequal that she's been giving for 30 years. [ABC News]


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Jimmy Herf

"Relevance" is the key word here. In terms of the McCain camp commandeering her own event, Schlafly's right: those 800 people were undoubtedly all keyed up to give Palin a standing ovation. But the GOP's being bitchy and telling her they don't need her musty old mailing lists.

It does make me wonder, if McCain caves to pressure & drops Palin from the ticket, he might possibly anger more people on the far right than he did by naming her.