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Photoshop Of Horrors

Illustration for article titled Photoshop Of Horrors

Apparently no woman is safe from the marauding Photoshop wand: Ann E. Dunwoody, the first woman to be named a four star general, had her photo digitally altered by the Army before it was sent to the AP. According to Col. Cathy Abbott, chief of the Army's media relations division, "We're not misrepresenting her. The image is still clearly Gen. Dunwoody." In the original image, "The general appears to be sitting at a desk with a credenza and bookshelf behind her. Three stars on her uniform identify her as a lieutenant general, her rank before Friday's promotion. The altered photo, distributed by the Army and run on the AP's photo wire Thursday, shows Dunwoody in fatigues in front of an American flag. Her rank, affixed to the front of a soldier's tunic, is not visible." Unfortunately, the original is not available, however, the digitally altered photo is at left; click on it see a different unPhotoshopped pic. [USA Today via AP]

Illustration for article titled Photoshop Of Horrors

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Ha! So in addition to changing the background, they made her face paler, shinier, and gave her completely fake hair. It's the hair that's getting me— it's like a virtual toupee!