Photoshop Of Horrors

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This item about Scarlett Johansson on the cover of Cosmo focuses on her waist. Specifically: The waist the magazine's art department whittled for her. Is ScarJo curvy? Yes! Does she have, as seen here, a waist that is only a smidge wider than her neck? No. And we know this because M. LeBlanc at Bitch Ph.D. did the research. When seen "in the wild," Scarlett's midsection is that of a normal, fit human being. It's only on the cover of Cosmo that she takes on the dimensions of Betty Boop. Oh, and, as commenter TheGarlicSong pointed out, on this cover, her left arm is smaller and shorter than her right arm. WTF. (Click to enlarge.) [Bitch Ph.D.]

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I think that the difference in arm length is just being caused by her stance. One of her shoulders is higher than the other, that's going to make one of her arms look shorter. But the waist thing? No excuse for that. She looks like a cartoon character.