Like most first daughters (and humans) Jenna Bush has yo-yoed over the years, and everyone likes to deprive themselves in advance of nuptials. But this pic from the May Vogue sounded all our internal "Holy Liquefy!" alarms. So we collected a bunch of recent Jenna pics and leave the fat content Kremlinology to you: airbrush diet? Or has Jenna Bush become Ana Bush? Click the pic for the gallery. (And click it again to enlarge the Vogue pic.)

October 5:

November 6:

April 15:


We love the color, Jenna. But you don't need to wear "slimming" hues anymore! Enough with the dysmorphia!

April 20:


Oh, man, Jenna rocks the Faith Hill pose! I think she just might be that skinny. Now I feel like one of those people who monitors celebrity weight fluctuations! I wonder if she's on this "no-diet diet" I keep hearing about...