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Parisian-born photographer Erica Simone, 25, is taking a series of nude self-portraits around New York City.


Depending on the photo, Simone can be seen riding the subway, checking out library books, shoveling snow, what have you — all while she's naked.

The series of 20 shots are part of Simone's new exhibit "Nue York: Self-Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen," which is opening next month at the Dash Gallery in Tribeca.


Simone says inspiration for the photos came to her during Fashion Week two years ago:

"I was sitting around thinking about fashion and what would we be if we were naked and what if we didn't have fashion to show who we were, our status, how much money we had, all these things," she told the Daily News.

"Then I got the photographic idea of shooting people naked in the street, but just doing regular things, not especially posing, or being naked, but doing whatever."

Simone was also intrigued by the challenge of staging the nude shots using a remote sensor:

"At first it was like, 'Can I really do this?'" Simone said. "I was into the idea, but I didn't totally have the [nerve] to do it - I'm not totally an exhibitionist."


Fortunately, the idea was a success. She was able to land five usable shots on her first day of shooting in Manhattan and (somewhat surprisingly) "didn't get arrested".

"It's not about sex, it's silly," she said. "It's crazy that it's illegal to be naked."


Photo via Erica Simone.

Parisian-born photographer Erica Simone lays bare everyday activities in nude works of art [NY Daily News]

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