Dear Keira,
Under normal circumstances we would totally say that firing Rachel Zoe is such a "Do"! But there are ways to hide your eating disorders that don't involve black tights worn in tandem with gold strappy sandals, which is one of those combos that could make Allegra Versace look fat. (And also, tacky!) Shapeless granny dresses are usually somewhat cuter when there's SOMETHING โ€” a wee neckline plunge? a belt-type apparatus? An outergarment with a bit of tailoring, as opposed to your boyfriend's public school cardigan? โ€” to indicate the actual female form swimming around underneath it. Also, that hat: No. We'll own up to moral relativism here; we'd leave you alone if your name was Winona and your boyfriend was Johnny Depp and the year was 1993 and Rachel Zoe was languishing at YM or whateverthefuck she did before she was the Most Powerful Woman In The Universe. But this shit beats any of the fugly user-generated ensembles on the Jane Rate My Outfit blog. So goody for you.