Thank goodness for Phoebe Price and her hats and her sequins and her dedication to insinuating herself into celebrity by attending any red carpet event, as she did at last night's premiere of L!fe Happens, a film—with the unfortunate use of punctuation in the middle of a word—written by and starring Krysten Ritter.

I was genuinely disappointed at Phoebe Price's lack of toe ring(s).

The star and co-writer of the film, Krysten Ritter, was by rights the cutest. And I liked that her shoes and handbag weren't matchy matchy.


Kate Bosworth's dress was really elegant but mismatched with her cheesy sparkle heels.


This movie is about three young women who are roommates and then one of them (Ritter) gets pregnant and keeps the baby and they all keep living together. It sounds pretty implausible. Anyway, these twins play the baby.

Ladies in red: Fallon Goodson, Andrea Savage, and Lindsey Kraft.


All in white: Former Project Runway contestant Malan Breton, Ricki Noel Lander and Dreama Walker (that name!).

I guess these were the worst of the group. Arielle Kebbel because she was definitely under-dressed; Chelsea Rendon because steam that shit before going out; and Crystal Allen for her inadvertent patriotic color palette.