Pew Research Determines Love Is Dying in America

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A new infographic from Pew, the think tank that sounds like a baroness's delicate sneeze, shows that fewer Americans believe in marriage and are trying to fill the emptiness in their hearts with expensive Valentine's Day gifts and fancy, last-minute dinners. While about 39% of all Americans (and 44% of all those cynical, emotionally numb 18-29 year-olds) say that marriage is obsolete, that won't stop them from spending $17.6 billion this year trying to convince themselves that, in a world where Seal and Heidi Klum are in the throes of a bitter divorce, love isn't just a sick joke that Gary Marshall came up with to make people see his shitty movies. This year's Valentine's Day dinners will run Americans about $3.4 billion, a shade less than their jewelry purchases ($3.5 billion), and way more than they'll spend on flowers ($1.7 billion). Women will spend $75 on their gifts, while men, in fits of panicked impulse-purchasing, will spend about $160 on crappy heart-shaped necklaces tailor made for the new prototypical American couple — two increasingly suspicious people who realize more each advertising cycle how little they have in common. Your best bet, if you're trying to save money this season, is to stay uncoupled — pet owners only have to spend about $5 to appease their quadruped companions on Valentine's Day (any more than that and it's creepy).


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