Pete Wentz Is Sorry He's So Tastemaking; Maggie Rizer Is Sorry She Didn't Shave

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There are a lot of Fashion Week blogs full of content that would probably be terribly interesting to people who don't read blogs while they're at Fashion Week. Sound like a familiar conundrum, anyone? Here, Intern Maria sifts through the Fashion Week blogs for anything of interest to, uh, anyone we might know.

  • Tinsley Mortimer can't find the time to make it to all of the shows and parties she was invited to but she does find the time to get her roots done and go have drinks with SamRon at the Beatrice Inn. [Slaves To Fashion]
  • Pete Wentz apologizes to parents about being such a powerful aesthetic icon that he started that guyliner trend (Is this actually a trend? Really?) but the girls at Fashionista call him out on his claim and say he should be apologizing for "tricking children into listening to bad music." [Fashionista]
  • Fashionista's Faran Krentcil takes over the blogging reins at Teen Vogue for Fashion Week and gets to interview people who would otherwise never speak to her like Gwen Stefani. [Style File]
  • Designers deny the old myth that the dropping hemlines seen on the runways are an omen of dropping market prices and instead credit their own mass uncreativity and desperate need for consumer attention to the new lenghts seen this week. [Heard on the Runway, 5th item]
  • How would you dress Chloe Sevingy for Fashion Week? Answer: predictably offbeat in Karen Walker and Vena Cava, say the people at StyleHive. [StyleHive]
  • Models have problems too! Maggie Rizer talks about her bruised and hairy legs in a confusing and jumbled-font format at Elle. Maybe she needs a little WebMD check-up for those strange bruises? [ NY Fashion Week with Elle 2nd item]


Tinsley Mortimer: Well, she did the one thing during fashion week that I would most want to do.

Pete Wentz: Don't flatter yourself. Oh, and: Emo, it's like Goth, but for pussies.

Chloe Sevigny: Why go to fashions shows and continue to look like crap?