PETA's Treatment Of Women Is A Joke

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On the heels of this tacky Nia Long ad, the Onion News Network has produced a so-realistic-it's-almost-not-funny-but-still-funny video (embedded after the jump), in which a "women's rights group" protests PETA's treatment of women. One protester says:

"They make women strip down, put vegetables over their genitals, and subject them to hours of photoshoots. No living creature should be treated like that!" Oh, it's satire, but the root of the joke rings true, when you think about the fact that, in the ad above, Nia Long's Photoshop Of Horrors is so severe she is missing a belly button (Plus: Have you seen this?!?!) In the video, "PETA" makes this statement: "We have no intention of changing our tactics until every last animal on the planet is given more respect than woman." At least the animals don't get Photoshopped?


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