PETA's Ingrid Newkirk has been criticized for using naked women in her ad campaigns, and in a recent interview with Mother Jones, she says: "It's rubbish because the organization is run by a woman, who is me. I marched in the earliest of rallies, I am an adamant feminist, but I'm not a prude and I think you can go to the beach and see people who are in less than you can in a PETA ad...I would expect someone in, say, Iran to tell us that we should cover up, but I don't expect women or men in this country to criticize women who wish to use their bodies in a form of political statement, to tell them, you need to cover yourself up… It's not sexist, it may be sexual, but no. No woman has ever been paid to strip... That's her prerogative and I think it is anti-feminist to dare to tell her that she needs to put her clothes back on." [Mother Jones]


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what about that crazy bullshit about the breast milk? she is kookoo bananas. she can go be not sexist with fuckin palin.

im gonna go eat some bacon while wearing a fur hat and fur coat and fur shoes and a fur skirt because i'd rather wear fur than be exploited like some common coors light ad trollop.