PETA: Not so much a fan of those who wear animals! The animal rights organization's new public enemy(ies) number one are none other than the sisters Olsen. Mary-Kate and Ashley are so downright heinous in the eyes of Ingrid Newkirk that they've inspired an entire website devoted to lambasting the girls, who have been renamed the "Trollsen Twins". Or, more specifically, "Hairy-Kate and Trashley". (Who says PETA has no sense of humor?) There's lots of fun to be had with the Trollsens on the site, on which we spent the better portion of an hour this morning. Our adventures in bloody dolls and other family-friendly fare, after the jump.

The fun begins with a wacky video which uses an old episode of Full House intercut with some new PETA-tastic content to show Hairy-Kate and Trashley as evil fur-wearers, even as seemingly innocent children. Yes, Bob Saget is in it!

Next, "Dress Up The Trollsens." The point of this game is to clothe your haggard virtual dolls: Your only choices are fur! And the fur's still alive. Make sure you have the volume turned up, so you can hear the garments go drip drip drip. Brilliant! For reals.


PETA even makes petition-signing fun! It's so easy to write to your favorite pro-ana fur-wearers. The Olsens' clothing line, "The Row", is referred to as "Death Row". Don't know about you, but we'll sign anything that doesn't involve having to find an envelope and a stamp to send it in.


Don't forget about merchandising! Nothing says Yuletide glee quite like a bloody "Trollsen Twins" tank. Perfect for everyone on your holiday shopping list, really.

Ooh! Free downloads! Revel in this downright terrifying Trollsen twin banner for the website of your choosing.


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