PETA Prank Or Hungry Bird?

Last week in Temecula, California, workers at McDonald's successfully captured a chicken that had been giving patrons the evil eye as they tried to order nuggets. Workers lured the bird with bits of bun from atop the drive-through window box and sent it to live out its days with other chickens. I, Megan, have experience with chickens: My one and only pet, Nugget (pictured here atop my computer in 1997). So I believe that the hen wasn't trying to keep Temeculans from eating its relatives, it was probably just hungry. Nugget was a cannibal and his favorite food was fried chicken — in fact, he could almost eat his own weight in Chicken McNuggets and insisted on trying. RIP Nugget. You were a good bird and I'm glad no one ever ate you. [USA Today]


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