Pet Sounds: Winston Makes Weird Noises

FourFour's (and Pot Psychology's) Rich Juzwiak has this cat Winston. You may know of him. He's very weird, in the best way possible. He's barely a cat, which I think — being a dog person — is why I like him. He's kind of like a living Mogwai. But in this video that Rich made of Winston's "noises," he's also kind of a cross between a bird and a magical creature from a Hayao Miyazaki movie. Happy Friday!

My Cat Chirps [FourFour]

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Charlie the cat does the chirruping too. But then it's all blood and feathers 'cause he is taking some birdie down. One time he killed a blue jay and the other blue jays ganged up and him and were dive bombing him and stuff. They did it for like 30 minutes! Blue jays take no shit, yo.