Did you miss last week's great gallery of readers' Easter outfits? Or February's collection of retro black hairstyles? (Could you not submit photos because you are neither black nor Christian?) See here: For our next installment of Past Fashion, we're focusing on first pets. (We realize animals aren't "fashion" unless you're Anna Wintour, but, well, you know.) Why pets? Because you never forget your first companion animal. (It's actually almost masochistic, agreeing to love an animal so much, because essentially, you're agreeing to be heartbroken when they die. But that's also the beauty of pets — they teach kids how to cope with mortality.) And above all of that, pets are cute! [That's Tracie and her pet above left. -Ed.] Email your submissions to photos@jezebel.com with "Past Fashion: Pets" in the headline, and be sure to include your pet's name and the year the photo was taken. We will be accepting submissions until April 18, and specifically want childhood photos of readers with their pets, warm and cold-blooded.


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