Pervy Prof Taped Students In Bathroom

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A Colby College professor has resigned after he confessed to secretly videotaping female students in a bathroom while they were on a class trip. But since his pervy activities took place in China, he may not be charged with a crime.


According to the Kennebec Journal, economics professor Philip H. Brown took a group of students to China this January as part of a Colby enrichment program. During their stay, he apparently provided students with a medical kit containing band-aids and a mysterious black box, which he said "contained necessary information about the trip." He demanded that the kit and box stay in the bathroom, "so everybody would know where they were." But in fact, the black box contained a surveillance camera, and he wanted it to stay in the bathroom so he could take naked pictures of women. His students apparently discovered one such pic that he'd viewed on the computer they all shared.

Brown initially said he'd never peeping-tommed students before, but then revealed he'd actually done the same thing on a previous trip to China. Also, he once did it to a woman at his apartment, but she wasn't a Colby student, so that's fine. Brown resigned when Colby officials threatened to fire him for "violation of student privacy" — however, he faces no legal action so far. Police are still investigating him to see if charges can be filed, but as of now, they say, "there was some concern that there may be some issues back home and that's what we based our search warrant on, but we haven't found any evidence of that yet. We don't have a crime you can prosecute in this country."

Colby Professor Resigns Amid Secret-Camera Flap [Kennebec Journal]

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Right. So even though this occurred while the Professor was working for Colby because it all went down in China, this is supposedly outside the jurisdiction of legal action? How does that work!?

What the...?!