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Perhaps we should all read ladymags with such expressions of contemptuous incredulity as British journalist Tanya Gold displays here. Actually, just read her piece in today's Guardian in which Gold replicates Cathy Alter's much-discussed project of living by the advice of women's magazines. Of course, Alter was dead-serious, whereas Gold has this to say about Vogue: "The accompanying photograph shows a woman with two hairstyles on her head. The first has been stolen from the corpse of Maria von Trapp. The other is the bottom half of a squirrel." She also has some choice words for breast exfoliation, sterling silver jar lids, and xylophone-playing Swiss masseuses. Seriously, check it out.


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She also wrote the piece where she tracked down all of her ex-boyfriends, which was discussed at some length here: []

I've also met her briefly at a party, and she was not the sanest person I've ever encountered. Entertaining, though.