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Perez Hilton Will Have So Many Interesting Things to Teach His Son Someday

Illustration for article titled Perez Hilton Will Have So Many Interesting Things to Teach His Son Someday

As pointed out in the comments and brought to our attention via Twitter: new father Perez Hilton was rather unkind to celeb dads in the past. And to celebrity children. And now, you can see a past post — in which he mocks Adam Sandler's daughter — juxtaposed with a picture of Perez and his own kid.


Perez Hilton urged Rumer Willis to shave down her jaw; called then-15-year-old Miley Cyrus slut and a whore; and generally made hundreds of thousands of dollars being a public misogynist. Even though he announced that he'd "grown up" in 2010, and has since abandoned many of his mean ways, the fact remains that he'll be raising a child now, having been cruel to children in the past, and paying for diapers using "whoreanus" money. Still! Tons of celebs are congratulating him, and in lieu of gifts, he's asking for donations to Save The Music and to GLSEN (The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network). Does it make up for calling Will.I.Am a faggot or nicknaming openly gay DJ Samantha Ronson "SaMAN"? But let's not forget: When Perez's website was at its most popular, he was at his meanest… and the audience was predominately female.


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Ginger, get the popcorn!

I don't think anything excuses what he used to do and how mean he used to be, but what more do we want from him? We constantly ask people to grow and change and develop. But then hold their old selves against them. I'm not saying he gets a pass for being a raging asshole back in the day, but it seems unfair to drag it out to make some kind of point when he's clearly changed his act in the last few years. I hate the idea that no one is ever really allowed to change. Like you can, but we'll secretly hold every shitty thing you ever did against you anyway.