Perez Hilton Sues The Photo Agency That Feeds His RSS

Above for your universal "huh"-ing is a YouTube video posted today wherein "soulful" British singer Joss Stone parodies Perez Hilton. Which is appropriate, I guess, a member of the celebrity-industrial complex sophomorically making fun of the celebrity blogger who usually occupies himself sophomorically making fun of it, since Perez has chosen today to sue the paparazzi companies that have in the past generally preferred litigating the other way around. The target of Perez's lawsuit is the photo agency X17, which hires illegal immigrants and amateurs and maybe steals sexy knifeplay photos from Vanessa Minnillo's car and all sorts of other shit Perez would definitely be just as outraged about even if X17 had not started a copycat blog.

Perez Hilton in Alien Paparazzi Suit [The Smoking Gun]


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pameltoe mccord van kempen

first!! why is it that whenever people want to convey even an iota of gravitas they must be bespectacled?