Perez Hilton For Hot Topic Leaves Us Kinda Cold

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  • "There so many celebrity clothing lines out there that just really suck!" says Perez Hilton in this new video about his collaboration with Hot Topic. Thanks Perez, now there's gonna be one more! [YouTube]
  • Fashion iconoclast and actress Chloe Sevigny is teaming up with the designers at Opening Ceremony again, this time to do a men's line. The cool thing, and this shit has "cool" written all over it, is that the men's clothing will be for women too. "Not only did I want to do something for the guys in my life, but a lot of my girlfriends prefer to wear men's stuff," Chloe says. Why hasn't someone thought of doing this before? [fashionologie]
  • More Sex and the City fashion news! It never ends! The Notorious P.A.T. (that's Patricia Field) has been tapped to create a line for England's own Marks & Spencer (aka "Marks and Sparks" to London city-dwellers) this coming fall. [Telegraph]
  • I guess old coke habits do die hard, because it seems as though Kate Moss is back Burberry's good books. Images from the spring campaign have leaked showing Moss donning a bikini and a veil. If the company dropped poor Agyness due to overexposure, what's the rationale for using Kate again? [Sassybella]
  • Next up for the Target Go International line is none other than Jonathan Saunders. You might remember Mr. Saunders from such memorable pieces as "that pretty dress someone once wore" or "I have no fucking idea." The line will be out in early October so here's to hoping that Mr. Saunders will make us something we'll remember forever. [racked]
  • House of Dior is set to launch a new line of luxury cell phones, which is good news for rich housewives in China, rich housewives in Russia, Paris Hilton, and Paris Hilton's dog. That thing has a phone too, right? [WSJ]
  • Paul and Stella McCartney team up for a night of fashion, music, and really fucking rich people at Paul's old Alma Mater in Liverpool…Marc Jacobs gripes about the money side of fashion to students at Central Saint Martins, and dishes some queeny gossip about Tom Ford and how he was "different" back in the day, plus, another fancy store opens in The Hamptons, which is weird. That neighborhood used to be so much cooler when it was filled with junkies. JK! Read about fashion scoops here: [WWD]
  • Queen Elizabeth seemed to be riding Camilla's fashion dick this past weekend: the two attended a wedding looking like a much fancier version of the Bobbsey Twins. And did you know the palace has its own in-house fashion designers? Siiiick. [Telegraph]
  • A weepy model who got the boot from Australia's Next Top Model talks about how she was bullied on the show and she doesn't want her parents to watch it. Alamela Rowan says she is relieved about getting kicked off and who can blame her? I guess reality shows just aren't what they used to be. Or, they have always been exactly the same. []
  • Writer Hadley Freeman talks about celeb clothing lines and the difference between Kate Moss and Lily Allen, who was never a fashion icon to begin with. [Guardian]
  • "Rocket scientist" Maureen Kelly, founder of Tarte cosmetics, wants to the world to know that aside from starting her own makeup line, she also has a Ph.D and is like, totally smart. [TeenVogue]
  • Somewhat-annoying Kristin Bentz from The Street takes us on a little tour of some of the biggest chain stores. She high fives J.Crew, stone-cold disses The Gap, and proceeds to rock the world with her stock predictions, Lollapalooza style. [TheStreet]
  • Check out the a sneak peek at the video for Tod's starring Gwyneth Paltrow. [Fashionologie]
  • Lower East Side retailers/designers Dana Foley and Anna Corinna say it sucks to get ripped off all the time by bigger brands like Forever 21. "Shoppers would still prefer to pay $12 for a copied handbag than $400 to $800 for the original." No shit, Sherlock. [NYTimes]
  • A gallery in the UK is set to celebrate Vivienne Westwood's life's work with an exhibition beginning next week. [TheStar]
  • Talbots just may be tanking. [Reuters]
  • In other Talbots news, the retailer has hired a new designer to revamp its women's line. Chris Jackson, who has also designed for DKNY, French Connection, and others, is so excited about joining the Talbots team that he just wet his Talbots pants and bought another pair. [WWD]



Isn't a Perez Hilton line one of the signs of the Apocolypse in the Bible. Revelation 13:27 or some such?

Also, this picture makes him look like a bloated, David Bowie/racoon lovechild