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Are you desperate to join a social networking site, but find that Facebook is missing that all-important mass produced snack foods connection? Pepperidge Farm has the website for you! Artofthecookie.com, Pepperidge Farm's "official" site, has started a campaign called Connecting Through Cookies, in which women are encouraged to keep in touch with friends by "send[ing] a short e-mail every week with news, funny anecdotes and random thoughts. And attach digital photos (of you, your kids, your vacation) as often as possible." The site also provides links to recipe-sharing sites, web videos and blog buddies, and reminds us that "we live in an age in which technology makes long-distance connections much easier to maintain than in the past." Wow, technology? Who knew? We're still stuck on our rotary phones and ice boxes!

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The campaign's spokesperson is Sally Horchow, the co-author of The Art of Friendship: 70 Simple Rules for Making Meaningful Connections. Horchow tells the New York Times that her messages on Artofthecookie.com are her "gospel" and that "brands are realizing they have to do a lot more than making something that tastes good... Connecting on a personal level with people makes your life better." Hmm. We're still not sure what eating cookies has to do with making friends. Maybe they need a better campaign, like those old General Foods International Coffee commercials where the women get all horny reminiscing about French waiters and shit. That seems like a lot more fun that emailing your friends with photos of pandas.


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