People's Hottest... Whoa, Check Out His Package!

Illustration for article titled emPeople/ems Hottest... Whoa, Check Out His Package!

People comes out on Friday with its "Hottest Bachelors of 2008" issues, but their website today is a treasure trove of men to stare at when your boss isn't looking. In addition to this picture of Mario Lopez (who apparently has a little more to squeeze into his Calvins than Marky Mark back in the day) and some of the other top contenders (Bret Michaels? Really?) there's also a whole gallery of shirtless dudes, just because. Or you can just keep staring at Mario in his underwear. That's pretty much our plan. [People]


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@NeverNikki: that episode was on this morning.

and while mario lopez seems to be a first class jackass, a part of me will always love slater. i identified VERY strongly with jessie spano, and therefore my heart belonged to slater.