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People Won't Stop Naming Shit After Sir David Attenborough

Illustration for article titled People Wont Stop Naming Shit After Sir David Attenborough

Another day, another something named after the famed voice of classy nature television Sir David Attenborough. This time it's an entire damned genus of rare African plants with "fleshy flowers." Sir David Attenborough sighs, looks at his Wikipedia page, wonders where he's gonna fit all this.


That's according to the Guardian, reporting on the newly identified Sirdavidia flowering plant. (Get it? The "sir david a"?) Said Dr. Thomas Couvreur, gushing about Attenborough's influence on his decision to become a botanist:

Sir David Attenborough has been such a wonderful and important influence in my life and the life of so many. I was really surprised when I realised that no one has named a genus after him before, so I found this discovery an excellent opportunity to honour him with a genus name."


Note that this is merely the first genus named after Attenborough. The Guardian points out that a shrimp and a long-beaked echidna, among other things, have also been named after the living legend. But despite all this being old-hat, Attenborough graciously thanked Dr. Couvreur and his colleagues: "I know very well that such a decision is the greatest compliment that a biologist can pay to another and I am truly grateful."

Anybody else getting a mental image of Attenborough swarmed with fanboys while attempting to grocery shop?

Image via AP.

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Manuela Malasaña

My cat is named Sir David Cattenborough. Haters gonna hate.