People Think Female Armpit Hair Is Gross • Black Women Are Shrinking

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• One English woman grew out her underarm hair to see how people would react. Let's just say they made her feel like the pits (sorry). •


• A report claims that an Australian baby was born deaf and blind after its mother was given an injection of the wrinkle filler Dysport in the first week of pregnancy. • British professors have been given a grant to test whether pink rooms can make violent prisoners calmer. • Volunteers at a Houston-area maternity ward wrap Christmas babies in holiday stockings every year. • The Church of England is trying to quell "thousands" of dissidents who are upset over the appointment of a female bishop by creating a new type of clergy that will restrict the rights of female bishops. • Oh look: a dog gulping down a small burrito in one second. • Breaking: Olivia has become the most popular name for British girls over the past year. • A California woman pleaded guilty on Monday to arranging the fake marriages of dozens of Chinese citizens to U.S. citizens so the Chinese spouses could live in the United States. • Freida Pinto is set to receive the Palm Springs International Film Festival's Breakthrough Performance Award on January 6 for her role in Slumdog Millionaire. • A 72-year old woman has been accused of kidnapping her 86-year-old sister from Pittsburgh so they could get her away from her ramshackle apartment so a male friend could make repairs on her sister's home. • On Monday, the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights ruled against a church group who discriminated against renting out a beachfront property to a lesbian couple seeking to use the locale for a civil union ceremony. • The Popeye the Sailor copyright is set to expire in Europe this week. The copyright is protected in America until 2024. Bring on the European porn tributes! • Apparently, comfort food is back in style as the economy continues to go downhill. • One of the teens convicted in the "Jena Six" beating case shot himself after he was arrested last week for shoplifting. The wound is not life-threatening. • According to a new study, obese men are three times more likely to have a low sperm count than their normal-weight peers. • If you are feeling blue, blame your friend: moods are contagious. • Hospitals in the U.S. are testing to see if simple arm-strengthening exercises can reduce lymphedema, a side effect of breast cancer surgery and radiation. • A Boy Scout from Long Island, NY has earned all 121 badges. • The Florida meter-reader who found the remains of Caylee Anthony may get a $5,000 reward. • An English woman called the police after she thought she saw a man riding a giant turquoise rabbit balloon floating past her house. • Meet Harry, a pet ferret in England who thinks he's a puppy. • A NASA report releases some graphic details about the deaths of all seven astronauts on the space shuttle Columbia, including information about the astronauts not wearing their full gear which may have let them take more action, but wouldn't have saved them from death. • A new study claims that African American women have been shrinking in size with each new generation since the mid-1960s. •


But what? I thought as a people, Americans were getting taller. Why would black women be shrinking?