Shia LaBeouf's Collaborators Confirm the Actor's Alleged Rape

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Following a recent interview in which Shia LaBeouf divulged that he was raped during his #IAMSORRY performance art project last winter, noted dick bucket Piers Morgan repeatedly questioned the actor's allegations, saying (among too many other things) that LaBeouf's "claim to have been 'raped' is truly pathetic & demeans real rape victims." Now, LaBeouf's collaborators have responded to dick bucket's Morgan's loudly voiced doubts and corroborated LaBeouf's story.


Luke Turner, one of the artists who, along with Nastja Sade Ronkko, collaborated with LaBeouf on the #IAMSORRY project, addressed the sexual assault and replied directly to Morgan in a series of tweets.


Based on how Morgan has processed criticism and responses to his comments in the past, it seems highly doubtful that he'll consider Turner's side of things or stop with his loud-mouth victim blaming. Whatever his response may be, let's just hope that Shia has the option of ignoring it.

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Seize: it's about ethics in gossip journalism

Here is a quick note on rape and physiological arousal, particularly as it pertains to male victims of rape.

Sexual arousal may occur in the male victim as a response to the unwanted sexual behavior. Yes, including erection and even climax.

Sexual arousal is only a sign that the sexual behavior has been noticed by the body — it has nothing to do with consent, and may even occur if a person is completely unconscious. An example of unconscious penile erection is "morning wood" or an erection upon waking. Just as many people have sometimes been sexually willing yet unaroused ("whiskey dick" or "bad nerves" for men and an even more common complaint for women), the rape victim may be sexually unwilling yet physically aroused.

Yes-means-yes consent is the standard for whether or not sex was rape with no respect for gender.