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People, let's give it up for Mildred Heath, 100, of Overton, Nebraska, the nation's active oldest worker. She's a reporter at the Nebraska Beacon Observer, and has been a journalist since 1929. She has no plans for retirement, the New York Observer reports, because she says, "I enjoy the work. And I'm needed." [PR Web via Observer]


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Let's put her age into perspective (I have done this form my great great aunt, who is 101... not working, though.)

-Mildred could reasonably remember where she was when Archduke Ferdinand was shot

-Mildred remembers women getting the vote

-Mildred was a young woman in the time of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

-Mildred was already in middle age when WWII broke out

-Mildred was a senior citizen when WOODSTOCK happened.

-The day disco died, statistically, Mildred was already past the time she was "supposed" to.

I. Friggen. Love. Old. People.